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Hunter and Cook
By Multiple Artists, $12

Marginal Ecstasy
By Chris Day, $5

Everybody Is Beautiful And Who You Want Them To Be When They Sleep 2009
By Alex Berry, $10

Advertsement Catalogue May 2009
By Noel Friebert, $7

Everyone Is Awesome All The Time
By Muliple Artists, $10

First Casualty of Pom Bench Week
By Brian Blomerth, $10

By Space 1026 Collective, $30

Fashion Fashion Bashin
By K8 Hardy, $7

Shrine Builder's Dream
By Josh Slater, $6

The 27 Steps
By Andy Rohr, $10

The Alaskan
by Misaki Kawai, $12

I Was Just Leaving
by Richard Colman, $40

Just Good Vibes
by Maya Hayuk, $25

The Tortuous Veil
by Jessie Rose Vala, $30

By Conor Stechschulte, -$24

The Mage's Tower
by Lane Milburn, -$15

I Can't Believe a Girl is Playing me Metallica
by Valerie Phillips, -$30

Crap Hound 7, Church and State Part I
by Sean Tejaratchi -$12

Article Magazine #1
Mixtape and zine! -$12

Closed Caption Comics 8
Letterpress cover and color and newsprint pages! -$8

Freak Out Face Off Force

The Gods Must Be Horny

Of Shunga and Monsters

by Ben Beaudoin -$25

Quietly Sure Like the Keeper of a Great Secret
by Jo Dery -$10.95

This is the Smoke that is Inside You

Animal Shelter #1
Art, Sex, Literature -$10

Labs with Abs
by Andrew Jeffrey Wright -$6

Black Hair
by Chris Uphues

Sketchbook 2008by Evan Meister and Adam Zeek

Apenest Volume 2
208 pages, edition of 1000, -$30

Closed Caption Comics 7
Silkscreened cover and color and newsprint pages! -$5

K48 #7
Free CD and light-up golden cover! -$20

Lovely Daze Issue 5: Hunters and Gatherers
Limited edition of 500! -$18