Brevity's Rainbow
A Group Show of Tiny Works
February 8th - February 17th 2008
Opening Reception Friday Feb. 8th 2008
Curated by Maxwell Williams

David Shrigley, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Royal Art Lodge, PFFR, Richard Colman, Kyle Mock, Noah Lyon, Andrew Kuo, Erika Somogyi, Jeff Ladouceur, Andrew Guenther, Keith Jones, Maya Hayuk, Wes Lang, Andrew Jeffery Wright, Isaac Lin, Keren Richter, Jason Polan, Chris Rubino, Deanne Cheuk, Abbye Churchill, Sophy Naess, Shawn Kurnuneru, Dylan Martorell, Mike Pare, Tiffany Malakooti, Heather Seccia, Robin Cameron, Sun An, Molly McIntyre, Gaelan McKeown-Hickel, Hanna Werning, Megan Pflug, Sammy Harkham, Keegan McHargue, Cody Hoyt, Boyd Shropshire, Dino Felipe, Megan Mock, Anne Regan, Tim Hull, Jessica Cannon, Zoe Mendelson, Tasha Lutek, Lansing Dreiden, Matt Hansel, Inaoka Misako, Sacha Vronsky, Melissa Scherrer, Matthew Rodriguez, Katlyn Hershman, Cammisa Buerhaus, Cornelius Quabeck, Open Arms, Levi Haske, Joey Hauk, Weiss Chuk Reutter, Eliosabeth Arkhipoff, Jessica Vitkus, Jorge Torres, Rebecca Turbow, and more....

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Elizabeth Huey

Royal Art Lodge

Assume Vivid Astro Focus

Richard Colman

Matt Hansel

Keegan Mchargue

David Shrigley

Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Isaac Lin

Andrew Kuo

Wes Lang

Keith Jones

Jason Polan

Maya Hayuk

Katharina Schumacher

Jeff Ladouceur

Andrew Guenther

Ann Regan

Cornelius Quabeck

Dylan Martorell

Aaron Harris

Mike Pare


Sophy Naess

Molly McIntyre

Timothy Hull

Jessica Vitkus
Nothing against Christo and Jean Claude, but art isn't meant to be big grand flourishes of orange gates. And really, I love Olafur, and huge waterfalls under the great bridges of New York are really cool, but art is supposed to be an intimate affair.

Which is why I asked some of my favorite artists and some of my best friends to interpret the idea of the Lilliputian and the temporal, the specks of dust that make up the world, the fleeting moments of pleasure and pain. I wanted the artists to bend over their workbenches and canvases and get inside of their tiny artworks. I wanted to freeze a moment so you could all lean in, get our faces right up next to the artwork, as close as you can possibly get, and see a tiny beautiful thing.

I wanted to make a galaxy of tiny art, a prismatic assemblage of little moments: this is Brevity's Rainbow.

-curator's note, Maxwell Williams